A dream home, come true.

An elegant custom home inspired by beautiful traditional elements and the desire to host large family gatherings.

  • Home Owners

    Pam & John

  • Builder

    Hillview Master Builder

  • Location

    Beaumont, Alberta

  • Interior Design

    Allison Hardy

Ever since Pam and John got together in university, they had a dream to live in a custom-built home. One night in a pub, they drew out their ideas on the back of a napkin. At that time they had didn't know that their sketches would one day become a reality...

Pam and John wanted to build a special home, something for their kids to grow up in and enjoy.

From living in a little condo, to upgrading to an “in-between home” with their three children, it was a multi-year project that had a lot of moving parts, including finding the right lot and home builder to make their dream come to life.

“Everything is so livable yet so beautiful. Allison knew that we are [a family] and that we were not furnishing a show home.”

As Pam and John were progressing to the next stage of their careers, they instinctively knew this was the right time to start planning the build of their dream home.

After conducting some research, they ended up hiring Hillview Master Builder: an Edmonton based home builder specializing in acreage and infill properties. Two and a half years later, they were ready to move in.

Before Cottswood, they were in touch with various designers based in Edmonton. While many of them had great ideas, they weren’t fully in alignment with Pam and John’s vision.

Pam and John’s aesthetic is rooted in traditional, classic designs. A friend recommended that they visit Allison at Cottswood. When Pam met Allison for the first time, they made an instant connection and she was confident that Allison understood what it was they were looking for. Pam said that, “it was such a relief… It was meant to be.”

Over the next few months, Pam & Allison met many times. Pam would visit Cottswood to discuss fabric selections, ideas, and materials, and Allison would visit the house to ensure the different pieces worked within the space itself. They both left each meeting inspired and excited. Pam highlights that Allison was constantly trying to find the right pieces for them, not just items that she herself liked.

When it was finally time to move in, Cottswood was there every step of the way.

Cottswood ensured that all of Pam and John’s furniture pieces were promptly delivered and perfectly placed in their home. Once the items were unveiled, they took extra special care to inspect each piece for potential flaws, be it from transit or the manufacturer. If imperfections of any kind were found, the team worked quickly to ensure they were fixed or replaced.

“These pieces have changed my house completely. I can't imagine the house without them now."

Pam and John have been living in their home for just over a year now.

They couldn’t be more in love with their space. Both hailing from large families, they regularly host large events and it has become a place where everybody feels welcome.

“I always envisioned that we would live in some kind of castle-looking home.” – Pam

Every room is uniquely stunning with the dining and living rooms serving as impressive focal points, while the master bedroom is a serene sanctuary, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the home. 

“We say it all the time, I can't believe this is our house, I can't believe we live here. It just doesn't even seem like it's ours sometimes. It's surreal.”

It’s one thing to love coming home however, it’s truly a step above to be in constant awe of it. Looking back on their experience, they wouldn’t have changed a thing. They built the house of their dreams and with the help of Allison and Cottswood, it came to life in a way that they couldn't have even imagined in their wildest dreams. 

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