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December 5th, 2022 - Written by Laurie Murphy

Feng Shui has been around for over four thousand years. Recently, there has been a resurgence of interest in it as our homes have become very important to us in the past few years. The need for a harmonious and nurturing environment has become paramount.

Laurie Murphy at Cottswood

The simplest way to describe Feng Shui is to say it is acupuncture for your home. Everything around us is energy, which moves similarly to air circulating in our environment. It can become blocked in our homes and places of work. Feng Shui can help expel negativity, admit auspiciousness, and attain a state of happiness, wealth, and prosperity. If an object is awkwardly placed or a narrow entrance, it can contribute to distorting the energy flow. Feng Shui is the process of alignment which lifts the obstacles that prevent the natural flow.

I have worked with Feng Shui in my design process for many years and have been amazed at how many wonderful empowering, and in some cases, life-changing results were achieved.

Proper color and furniture placement harmonizes energy in the living environment. Interior factors refer to the placement of structural items such as stairs, beams, columns, doors and windows. The choices of what colors are used and the placement of furniture and appliances can change the energy significantly.

Laurie Murphy at Cottswood

With the use of the Bagua, it will determine the eight corners of your space. Fame, Relationships, Children, Helpful People, Career, Knowledge, Family and Wealth. With this knowledge, you can enhance or correct the areas you want to address. For each individual, what unfolds in his or her life will have a different outcome. For example, by adjusting your wealth corner does not mean you will win a lottery that week. It will, however, clear the energy for prosperity.

For the last few years, we have kept our homes very neutral and monochromatic with very little color. These homes are beautiful in pictures and magazines however, there have been studies done that the lack of color in our environments has caused anxiety and depression. The belief is deep in our primitive selves. We equate this with desolation. Without the warmth and stimulation of color we experience anxiety and depression.
The introduction of color can be intimidating; However, it can be done in degrees. The easiest is with paint and accessories, but the introduction of a bold color on a sofa, chair or banquette can be incredible. The images in this blog are a selection of beautiful fabrics with bold colors and patterns that at first, can feel strong; however, where and how they are used can go from a touch of fun to a bold and exciting room.
Laurie Murphy at Cottswood

Working With Me

It has been my experience that everyone response to certain colors that increase their energy and creates a calm for them. When consulting with a client I like to open a paint fan deck to see what pallet they are drawn to. Next, I ask how do you want your space to feel and function. With that I can put a plan in place that is visually beautiful and resonates with them on a deeper level.

If you would like to introduce Feng Shui into your next project within your home, I would love the opportunity to work with you.

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