8 Things you Need for the Perfect Outdoor Living Room

Homeowners want to take advantage of and make the most of their outdoor space. It starts with extending the property from the inside out to create a fluid transition. This approach lets you create an entertaining space for your guests and provides a space to enjoy a relaxing evening outdoors. No matter the size of your outdoor space, it is time to get creative and design the ultimate backyard escape. Here are eight things you can do to make your Outdoor Living Room the perfect place to relax and unwind.

1. Furniture

Having outdoor furniture is a great way to bring form and function to your outdoor space. Nothing is better than being able to sit outside on your couch or cozy rocker and stare at the clear blue sky or night stars. Having the right furniture is a great way to create a fluid transition from inside your home to the outside. Style is not the only thing that matters. You will need to make sure that you select the materials that can stand the test of time in our northern climate. There are four materials to look for when choosing your pieces. 

- Wood (Teak, Eucalyptus & Cedar)
- Metals (Aluminum, Steel & Wrought Iron)
- Plastics (ABS & Synthetic Resin Wicker)
- Fabrics made of synthetic fibers

Our design team is here to source and create the perfect outdoor space. You can also browse our great selection of outdoor furniture online.

2. Incorporate an Outdoor Rug

Adding an outdoor rug is a fast and cost-effective way to make your outdoor space more vibrant. It is also a great way to anchor the space, tying furniture and accessories together. You can use them to highlight a specific entertaining area within a space. Make sure your rug can "stand" the test of time, look for outdoor-ready fabrics.

3. Lighting

Queue "Patio Lanterns" by Kim Mitchell. Lighting is an essential part of your outdoor living room. It creates an atmosphere of comfort and adds to the functionality. Choosing the right lighting is essential; you want to have something that really works with the environment you've created. There is no shortage of styles to choose from. Great ones include party string lights, step lighting and wall lights. With a designer's touch, your outdoor space will become the ultimate backyard escape.

4. Table Top Accents

Use outdoor decor and tabletop accents as focal points. Consider a piece of art or a beautiful centrepiece on your table, and potted plants can be great pieces. If your space is a little farther from the house try a sculpture. They can make a big statement, endure the elements, and mix well with flowers and other greenery. Use your furniture and other outdoor accessories to support that centrepiece. 

5. Create Shade

During those hot summer days, you don’t want the blistering sun beating down on you; it makes for an uncomfortable environment. Having a suitable shade, permanent or temporary, is the perfect way to keep you cool and protect you from UV rays. Awnings, umbrellas, sails and pergolas will keep you cool on the hottest of days. 

6. Curtains

For those who have structures like pergolas or gazebos, consider adding curtains, blinds or screens to protect you from the sun and add an element of privacy. Not only will they keep you cool, but they will also add to the atmosphere of your outdoor living space. When it comes to choosing a curtain, it is essential to choose a fabric that is outdoor-friendly with the ability to block out UV rays. 

7. Outdoor Kitchen

The popularity of outdoor kitchens has grown over the years. It's a great way to expand your living space and up your entertaining prowess. Just like the kitchen inside your home, your guests will naturally around the outdoor kitchen and mingle. BBQs and grills are the most common, but wood-burning stoves, smokers and prep areas are becoming more prominent in backyards.

8. Heat Source

You want to get the most out of your backyard oasis, which means protecting your guests from the heat and the cold. A common feature is a stylish fireplace or fire pit. As the summer night cools down, having the perfect heat source will keep your living area at an ideal temperature so you can enjoy it.

Big or small, wide or narrow, utilizing a number of these essential items will help you create a beautiful backyard escape where you can relax and socialize, get creative!

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