Unveiling the Design Journey: A Creative Exploration

The design inspiration for this project was deeply rooted in the style of the new home and the client's European background. This personalized approach was further influenced by the client's shared inspiration pictures, resulting in a design concept that embodies European Chic and Casual Elegance. We aimed to create a space that reflects the client's unique taste and vision.

The client preferred a neutral, light, tone-on-tone palette with a touch of warmth. This choice of colours created a cohesive, textural, and sophisticated vibe throughout the home. The cabinetry, flooring, and tile provided the perfect backdrop for this soothing and elegant ambiance.

"Working with this client was a seamless experience, thanks to our immediate connection. The primary challenge was translating their vision into reality.

With my background in coaching and deep listening skills, I was able to understand and capture the client's style accurately, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable design process."

Allison Hardy | Senior Designer Cottswood

picture accent hung above neutral room with cottswood signature design

Key Furniture & Decor Pieces

We aimed to create a classic, timeless design that matched both the home and the client's taste. Traditional design elements were incorporated in an updated, contemporary manner. Each piece of furniture and decor was carefully selected to contribute to this vision, blending seamlessly with the overall aesthetic.

Selecting Statement Pieces

Understanding the client's desired look was the first step in curating the perfect pieces. Through research and collaboration, we selected and refined the pieces to fit the spaces perfectly. This co-creative process ensured that each item was curated to enhance the design, providing both beauty and functionality.

The Role of Lighting

The home benefits from wonderful, soft, and natural light, which was complemented by the chosen paint and colours to create a serene atmosphere. Stylish lighting fixtures were added to enhance the ambiance in each space, providing both functional and aesthetic value.

picture accent hung above neutral room with cottswood signature design

Well lit room featuring neutral tone accessories

Custom-Made Elements

Together, we selected special and unique items, with custom-made upholstery from our luxury brand suppliers. Quality was a significant factor for the client, who valued durable fabrics, well-made furniture, and comfort. The client's fashionable taste meant that style was paramount.

Large window bedroom featuring off white bedding and furniture

Architectural & Structural Elements

Honoring the architectural details of the home was essential, ensuring that the furnishings fit seamlessly within the existing structure. This respect for the home's architecture guided the design choices, creating a harmonious blend between the old and the new. 

Well lit room featuring neutral tone accessories

Balancing Functionality and Aesthetics

Space planning was crucial to show the client how each piece of furniture would fit into the space, preventing costly errors and ensuring suitable dimensions for all items. This careful planning balanced functionality with aesthetics, creating a practical yet visually appealing layout.

Large window bedroom featuring off white bedding and furniture

Highlight Key Pieces

We featured beautiful foundation pieces complemented by 'character' pieces that stood out for their style and function, like the sideboard and glass cabinet flanking the fireplace. These standouts adds balance to the kitchen opposite, creating conversation pieces that the homeowner adores.

These insights into the design journey reveal the thoughtful considerations and creative decisions that went into transforming this space. The result is a harmonious blend of style and functionality, creating an environment that is both beautiful and livable.

Design by Allison Hardy for the home of Olga Paladi and Joel Livingston.


I like to think of my own home as a retreat from the outside world. I gravitate towards organic textures and colours.

At Cottswood we're on top of what's new and interesting in the industry. We have that perfect balance of being up on trends while still honouring the classics.

When working with new clients, I take note of their reactions to different pieces as they walk through the store. It gives me an idea of their personality and sense of style. We build off that.

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