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Designer: Allison

My favourite thing about the holidays:
Although I enjoy receiving gifts, I adore giving even more. I get so excited about finding the perfect gifts for special people in my life.  Then I especially like creating my own unique wrap, too. Of course, I always have in mind and heart those less fortunate. Sometimes, that is within our own family. They say 'charity starts at home' so I consider if anyone in my tribe is in need of anything. Drop off a 'I got it on Sale' turkey or homemade cookies so it's not so obvious. I did this one year for a sibling and family and they were so happy! That's what it's truly all about…

muse gala vase


Why I picked it:  I love the quirkiness of J. Adler's Muse objects.  They add fun to a space and so unexpected. They create conversation and life can be so serious so why not?  This would be a super-cute gift for your gal-pal. How cute would it be to have this lip embossed piece on a Vanity counter?

resin bowls


Why I picked it:  I could have these bowls in my home!  They are made by Canadian artist and hand sculpted resin bowls with an organic and modern clean look.  The simplicity is striking if they stand alone but are also food-safe. Or be creative with greens and flowers.

wall art - Contrast


Why I picked it:  I am fascinated by mountains and why not bring them into your own space? I also am a snow girl so the love the white.  This picture evokes a sense of serenity and calm, too. Bonus!

whale vertebra


Why I picked it:  This special replica has always fascinated me.  It's unique and everyone is in awe of Whales. Marine mammals are loved world-wide and share many human commonalities.  I have sold this in the past to a Chiropractor and Marine Biologist. Check off the list!

Designer: Dean

My favourite thing about the holidays:
My favourite thing about the holidays is that we pull out all the collected holiday decorations; favourite items that are curated over time...and that bring Joy and Cheer to the Holiday Season. Every year is a new showcase of time honoured favourites, that bring back memories of years gone by and a look to the year ahead.





Why I picked it: Each glass wrap adds a unique sparkle to your holiday decor, whether used individually or in groups — always a conversation starter.

triad floor light


Why I picked it: The black shade adds drama to your holiday room...a touch of 'Mid-Century' charm, an item that is not only useful for creating a warm ambient light, but a classic form for your room all year long.

lacquer backgammon set


Why I picked it: You can always count on Jonathon Adler to add a shot of colour and funky design to any room, with the addition of this stunning lacquered case—looks great on your coffee table, closed or open and ready for an impromptu game on a cozy winter night.

round tray table


Why I picked it: Umage adds a touch of whimsy to your room with the adjustable felt shade on this statement lighting piece—everyone is going to notice its quirky felt shade, and wish they had your good taste!

Designer: Anastasia

My favourite thing about the holidays:
I love holiday season for its lights, overload of sparkles and decorations. You can not be “too bright”, every bit of bling is welcome! It’s time to be creative!! 

monroe arched task lamp


Why I picked it: I love how it gives just enough of illumination. It has graceful polished nickel neck and crystal block base. Very sophisticated and glamorous!

wild beauty tea lights


Why I picked it: These tea lights are dreamy, delicate, personal and very romantic. I adore these winter flowers.

gold and silver glass vases


Why I picked it: These vases are simply beautiful and so sparkly! And you don’t have to decide, gold or silver.

annabella accent table


Why I picked it: It is a show stopper. So unique and artistic but still quite practical.

Designer: Christopher

My favourite thing about the holidays:
My favorite things about the holiday are being with family enjoying all the excessive treats and baking, appetizers, savouries, and of course the main event, dinner. I come from a large family and we continually eat over the couple of days we are all together. Everyone brings different platters and trays that are filled and overflowing. Of course we have champagne and Scotch and seafoods and it's all really very decadent and we are all together and happy. Often we will add in cross country skiing along the river with a Thermos of hot chocolate and some more treats. We live in the mountains in British Columbia so nature is an obvious and decorating layers and supports the beauty and luxury of this fantastic lifestyle in the country.


arctic coffee table


Why I picked it: The Arctic Cocktail Table is perfect for winter freshness and serving family and friends holiday cocktails with a little glamour.

scavo scroll luminaire candleholder


Why I picked it: Down the center of my dining table I would showcase these fabulous Scavo Scroll Luminaire Candle Holders.  These would be displayed with more of the fresh bow garland entwined with Christmas Bobbles and holiday ribbon. Candle light flickering during dinner would be so warm and cheery.

red savino sectional


Why I picked it: What could be more cozy and comfortable than a luxurious and sumptuous red leather Savino Sectional? Go daring and dazzling for the holidays! This has some Christmas flare and pizzazz.

dalliance china cabinet


Why I picked it: With the Dalliance I would fill it with Christmas holiday dinnerware china and smoother the top in holiday cards. Because it is a soft green I would focus on having collectible red and gold poinsettia china to contrast the cabinet. And to top it off, I would prop the doors and swag holiday garland over the 2 doors and have them drooling down the sides.  Fabulous!!

Designer: Tricia

My favourite thing about the holidays:
My favorite thing about the holidays is spending quality time with family and friends. It is also a wonderful time to relax and disconnect from the everyday stresses of life and enjoy what life is really all about.

helmsley bed


Why I picked it: I couldn't imagine a better gift than the gift of a good nights sleep. Made using the finest natural materials, this mattress is so comfortable, you will literally sleep like a Queen. Head into the new year feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

arctic console table


Why I picked it: This stunning console is the perfect piece for displaying your favorite holiday decor. Fittingly named the 'Arctic' console table, the top looks like a thick slab of ice!

tufty ottoman


Why I picked it: We carry these luxurious velour ottomans in a variety of shapes and colours. With multi-purpose functions these ottomans make a perfect gift. Extra seating during the holidays is always a good thing.

re-invented recliner


Why I picked it: I picked it because it would be the perfect gift for me! I love this chair. The fact that it reclines makes it even more wonderful. This mid-century inspired piece will be a gift to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Get ready for your holiday guests.

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