Living Spaces

Love your living room

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Your living room is the focal point of your home. Create the room of your dreams. Once comfortable and beautiful, functional and fashionable, your living room will come to life with the guidance of one of our Design Consultants. Interior Design services are always complimentary at Cottswood.

Look to mix-up fabrics, textures, styles and decor for the ultimate living space.

"After shopping all over for various pieces, I've found Cottswood to have the most unique and quality product in all of Edmonton. Prompt with there orders and knowledgeable staff. Thank you, I will be back if I need any thing else"

Living quarters

Large family gatherings or intimate movie nights, kids, pets, guests or some quiet alone time with a good book. A 'living room' has a hard-working life of its own.

PRO TIP: Neutral tones with pops of colour make for an interesting, versatile space.

"I often ask my clients, 'when you sit down in your living room in the evening, what do you want to feel?' This is my driving force for inspiration."

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