Introducing Cottswood Sleep Centre

Our new line of beds offers designed comfort with top-of-the-line natural, bespoke mattresses that are locally made in Edmonton!

Sleep Better, Naturally

Our natural, hypoallergenic mattresses are handmade with bespoke techniques, giving your bed the upgrade you deserve.

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Made in Canada

Our mattresses are handcraft in Canada. Using high-quality methods like “tufting” and “hand-crafting”, each layer of the mattress will be tightly held in place by the tufting and will not shift or diminish over time.

Design Services

At Cottswood we listen to better understand your style. We work with you to bring your vision to reality, giving you a space that works for your lifestyle.

We’re here when you need us and our service is always complimentary.

Sprout Firmus

Sprout Firmus

This extra-firm mattress has a handmade traditional pocket-coil core, with natural, breathable, hypoallergenic materials to give you a comfortable, supportive sleep.

  • All-Natural - Wool, Cotton, Silk
  • No Foam or Synthetics
  • Breathable and Non-Toxic
  • Available in single & double-sided

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Sprout Luxuria Mattress

Sprout Luxuria

This soft mattress is made with a luxurious composition of wool and silk and an extra-thick 10” 9-step 100% naturalDunlop latex foam core. It is comfortable, breathable and plush.

  • All-Natural - Wool, Cotton, Silk
  • No Foam or Synthetics
  • Breathable and Non-Toxic

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Hypnos Sherbourne

Hypnos mattresses use only the finest natural, environmentally friendly, and sustainable fills. Unique blends of Cotton, Wool, Silk and Cashmere are used to for complete climate control and unmatched comfort.

  • Handmade in Edmonton, AB
  • Premium All-Natural Materials
  • No Synthetics

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Cottswood is proudly homegrown Edmonton. We recently called upon some of our favourite Avenue Top 40 alumni, inviting them to experience Cottswood.

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