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The Most Important Piece in Your Bedroom – The Mattress

When it comes to your bedroom, one piece is crucial to its function – it is not the dresser, bench or the matching night stands; it is the mattress. The average person spends onethird of their life sleeping!  A highquality mattress ensures that you are able to get the best sleep possible; At Cottswood, we know sleep and that is why we have proudly partnered with Hypnos and Sprout locally manufactured right here in Edmonton! We carry these two brands as our only mattress lines due to their local roots, luxurious & sustainable natural materials, premium handmade construction, made-to-order process and overall quality that are all superior in providing a good night’s sleep when compared to conventional branded mattresses. During our bedroom event, on now until February 28, 2022, you can get 20% off all of our mattresses!

When selecting a mattress for any room in your house you should be selecting based on two factors, Support and Comfort. Support is what keeps your spine and posture in a neutral state by relieving the largest pressure points during your sleep (your shoulders and waist). Comfort is the layers of material that provide cushioning, temperature regulation, bacteria resistance and aid in the longevity of a mattress.

Hypnos is the only Mattress line internationally to have received the Royal Warrant from the Royal Family in the UK. They proudly make the same mattress that Queen Elizabeth sleeps on. Sprout is a product line developed  locally to help bridge a gap by using the same materials, handmade construction and benefits of the Hypnos brand with a few changes in design that make the Sprout more economical.

Why Choose an Hypnos or Sprout Mattress?

1) Materials 

Cottswood Mattress Materials

All of the materials that go in these mattresses are natural and sustainable and are free from harsh chemicals meaning that they are clean, safe, healthy, do not put off any gases, and are meant to give you the healthiest, best performance from a mattress as possible. Each Mattress is fabricated from horsehair, wool, cotton, silk and Dunlop latex. These items have been selected as they are hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, provide pressure point relief, and are extremely durable.

2) Construction 

Every mattress goes through the same construction process at the assembly plant in Edmonton. They are each constructed in such a way that allows for the longest lifespan possible thanks to their 2-sided design construction, which means that the mattresses are made from the core out, making them identical when flipped, which effectively offers twice the lifespan of a conventional mattress. The mattresses are compiled starting with a multi-zoned pocket coil core, followed by the layering of the all-natural materials listed above by hand on both the top and bottom of the spring core center resulting in a mattress that starts out at over 18 inches thick; it is then placed in a compression machine that presses it to size after which each mattress is hand-tufted to ensure that the multiple layer construction stays intact to reduce body impressions and retain product integrity (this avoids the use of toxic adhesives that only last a few years).  To see the entire construction process, you can watch this video:

3) Lifespan  

These mattresses are made to have a lifespan that can last generations. Thanks to the properties of the materials used and the construction techniques that are employed to create each mattress, a superior mattress is created that is able to regulate temperature, wick away moisture and prevent bacterial growth., In Addition, the 2-sided design effectively doubles the already improved life span. With proper care, you should easily be able to get 2 decades of wonderful, healthy sleep out of these mattresses. 

4) Warranty

One of the contributing factors as to why we are so proud to carry these mattress lines is that they are all manufactured locally in Edmonton, just a few blocks away from Cottswood. Our relationship with the manufacturer and their products means that we are never far from receiving assistance. If you ever have an issue these mattresses, come with a 10-year-limited warranty. 

During our bedroom event, our mattresses from Hypnos and Sprout are 20% off until February 28th; there has never been a better time to upgrade your sleep than now! Choosing a mattress for each of your bedrooms is a decision that should not be taken lightly or hastily selected based on price alone. You could end up with toxic, harmful, unsustainable materials or something that will not last as long as it should. Don’t gamble with the most crucial piece of furniture in your bedroom; make the confident and safe decision to go with a reputable, locally made premiumgrade mattress backed by Cottswood. 

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